Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickups For Thursday 5/26/11

Tuesday Starter's Stats - Kyle McClellan - 6.0 Innings Pitched - 4 Strikeouts - No Decision - 0.00 ERA - 0.33 WHIP
Wednesday Starter's Stats - Erik Bedard - 6.0 Innings Pitched - 4 Strikeouts - Win - 0.00 ERA - 1.17 WHIP
Week Eight Starter Stats - 16.2 Innings Pitched - 10 Strikeouts - 5.40 K/9 - 1 Win in 3 Starts - 2.70 ERA - 1.20 WHIP
Cumulative Starters' Stats - 412.2 Innings Pitched - 301 Strikeouts - 6.56 K/9 - 26 Wins in 65 Starts - 3.58 ERA - 1.20 WHIP
Starter Spreadsheet Viewable Online Here

Was never able to re-update yesterday's post, so I'm going to just talk about McClellan's stats on Tuesday here.  And it was a great start.  He let up a two run home run, but it was in an inning extended by an error, and wasn't charged to his ERA.  Other than that he only let up just one hit over the six innings he was in there.  He didn't catch a win, but it was an otherwise great six innings to add to your team.

On Wednesday, I had a good day with everyone i talked about.  Bedard delivered six innings of actual shut out ball (even though that doesn't matter in fantasy) but scattered six hits in a walk over that time so the WHIP was just good, not amazing like McClellan's Tuesday.  Luckily he did pick up the win that McClellan didn't.  If you couldn't get Bedard and went with Ervin Santana, you still got a win in six innings, but he let up an earned run over that time.  Deep league players got good ERA and WHIP from Mike Minor, but he didn't pick up the win in a game that went to extra innings.

No Pickup/Drop column today, as I have work early tomorrow and it's four AM as i write this.  I'm not just dodging Denard Span's hot week, as Brantley has been nearly as good.  Just very late at night.  Thursday's travel day starter coming up....

Thursday's Starter Recommendation - Ryan Vogelsong - San Francisco Giants vs Florida Marlins- 3:45 PM ET - 39.9% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Vogelsong is thirty-three years old and was never this good earlier in his career, but since returning from Japan to the minors last year, he's been striking out far more batters.  Between his starts and bullpen time this year, he is 3-0 with 1.93 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP and right now he is running a streak of three straight scoreless six inning starts.  The Marlins offense has been hot for the last week, but is still not an offense you have to avoid, and is among the better matchups here on a travel day.  Have the confidence to put him in your lineup if you are starting to fall behind here Thursday, before you reach Saturday and Sunday when everyone else in your league is gobbling up good options too.

Thursday's Alternate And Deep League Starter - R.A. Dickey - New York Mets at Chicago Cubs- 2:20 PM ET - 3.1% Owned in ESPN Leagues

I don't trust Joel Pineiro or Carlos Zambrano right now, and Philip Humber has a bad matchup, making Dickey the Alternate, and everyone else more available than him I'm not a fan of today, so he's as deep as I'm willing to go here.  Dickey has had a rough start to that season, but that was without his best stuff.  He got the knuckleball working properly in his last start out, and struck out a batter per inning over six against the Yankees and letting up just one run on a Mark Teixiera homer.  Dickey has the stuff to take care of the Cubs offense as long as his knuckler is working, so he's a good alternate option here on Thursday.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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