Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Pickup And Drop Ideas For Tuesday 5/24/11

Two Tuesdays Ago's Recommendation - Drop Jason Bay and Pickup Logan Morrison

Morrison has played less games that Bay still, but has been basically even in RBIs and Runs.  Morrison has two homers to Bay's one, but Bay has thrown in two steals.  The big difference is Logan's .286 average compared to Bay's ugly .205 average.  It was fairly obvious that Morrison was going to be better than Bay, but at the time Bay was ridiculously owned in more leagues.  Morrison is going to be a much better player than Jason Bay will be at this stage of his career.

Last Tuesday's Recommendation - Drop Juan Pierre and Pickup Cameron Maybin

After last week's column, Pierre started off on a tear and has gone 10/27 and scored five runs.  Maybin on the other hand went just 4/16 and popped in two RBIs.  The difference is that Maybin managed to pick up a steal despite getting on base far fewer times.  Maybin is going to be better going forwards and continue to be a five tool player, while Pierre is only contributing with runs and RBIs.

Tuesday we are going to take a look at first baseman affected by injuries.  Two guys on the DL that aren't worth hanging onto, and one player who is getting playing time because of other players DL stints.

The Droppable - Adam LaRoche and Derrek Lee - First Base - Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles - 40.6%  and 35.2% Owned in ESPN Leagues

LaRoche was batting just .172 on the year with just three homers before he went onto the DL with his torn labrum.  Lee was on a six game hit streak that only brought his average up to .231 with 4 home runs when he went out.  Neither has been good enough on the year to really justify their roster spot even if they weren't on the DL, and the DL stints make them fully droppable if you don't have the DL spot.  Neither should be owned in the amount of ESPN Leagues that they are owned in right now when you look at who else is available.

The Pickup - Eric Hinske - First Base Eligible - Atlanta Braves - 7.8% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Hinske is mainly playing in the outfield right now, but has first base eligibility in ESPN leagues already, and has played six games there already this year, so probably has eligibility there in your league as well.  Because Jason Heyward and Nate McLouth both are on the DL, Hinske is going to be playing basically every day.  He has four home runs on the year, and has made that number in half the at bats that LaRoche and Lee have, while hitting for .355, or over double LaRoche's average.  Hinske should be grabbed up by anyone who needs help at corner infield or has an outfield need.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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