Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Pickup And Drop Ideas For Tuesday 5/17/11

Last Tuesday's Droppable Player - Jason Bay - Outfield - 4/21 - .190 Average - 4 Run - 1 Home Run - 1 Run Batted In - 2 Stolen Bases - ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - 3.24
Last Tuesday's Pickup - Logan Morrison - Outfield - 4/16 - .250 Average - 2 Runs - 1 Home Runs - 1 Run Batted In - 0 Stolen Bases - ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - 0.37

Bay has been better over the last week, but Morrison has only back for four days.  Morrison would have probably driven or scored some more runs to make it even if he was given the extra two days.  We'll look back on this one in another week, as Jason Bay continues to slump and be an expensive part of a dreadful Mets lineup and Morrison works into better shape in the plate after his foot injury.  Today we are going to look at another pair of Outfielders to add and drop...

The Droppable - Juan Pierre - Outfield - Chicago White Sox - 80.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Juan Pierre was a draft pick who is just not going to deliver for you.  You drafted him because you wanted the high stolen base totals to go with a solid enough average and a bunch of runs, but he's not going to deliver that for you this year.  The average is down to a painful .242 and he's not going to give you many RBIs or Runs when hes not getting on base.  Even when he is getting on base, he has six sucessful steals and has already been caught stealing eight times on the season.  The worst part is Ozzie Guillen was discussing a drop to ninth in the batting order for Pierre, which would make him even less useful in your league.  Toss him now while you have more options to scoop up.

The Pickup - Cameron Maybin - Outfield - San Diego Padres - 43.9% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Maybin burned us last year I know, but it looks like he might finally be putting it together, and at the very least is better for your team than a washed up Juan Pierre.  He's developing a better eye at the plate in his first full season in the big leagues and has upped his walk rate and lowered his strikeout rate which has helped translate to a better average.  Even in a worse lineup than Pierre, he has given you the same amount of stolen bases so far, along with twice the RBIs and runs and a better average.  He's the 26th best outfielder according to ESPN's player rater, and is on an absolute tear right now, so he should be owned in your standard ten team league.  Pick him up if you have the space, or if you're a Pierre owner.

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