Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickups For Monday 5/16/11

Sunday's Recommended Starter One's Stats - Carlos Zambrano - Rained Out
Sunday's Recommended Starter Two's Stats - Mark Buehrle - 6.1 Innings Pitched - 6 Strikeouts - Win - 4.27 ERA - 1.58 WHIP
Week Six Starters' Final Stats - 54.2 Innings Pitched - 39 Strikeouts - 6.42 K/9 - 5 Wins in 9 Starts - 4.45 ERA - 1.45 WHIP
Cumulative Starter's Stats - 343 Innings Pitched - 266 Strikeouts - 6.98 K/9 - 22 Wins in 55 Starts - 3.83 ERA - 1.23 WHIP

Starters' Stats Spreadsheet Viewable Online Here

Zambrano was our best starter option but he was rained out, and I failed to provide an alternate catchup starter for rain-outs yesterday.  Luckily, Buehrle came through and delivered exactly what you expect from Buehrle.  I thought he'd go a little deeper into the game with the Sox' light bullpen, but you expect something around a 3 or 4 ERA and he's always a bit of a WHIP risk.  He balance out the ERA and WHIP by delivering nearly a strikeout per inning and picking up a win to get me to five wins in nine starts on the week.  It wasn't a great ERA and WHIP week, but managed to pick up a bunch of wins from my spot start choices.  The deep league starters have been good as well, and if you played Capuano you got Buehrle's day with better ERA and worse WHIP.  A great start in a deep league.  Monday's starter recommendation to kick off week seven coming up...

Monday's Recommended Starter - Joel Pineiro - Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics - 10:05 PM ET - 26.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Pineiro has had three great starts in a row since coming off the DL, and should continue to do his thing here on Monday.  He is 2-0 with a 1.33 ERA and has done it against the Rays and the Red and White Sox.  He draws the Athletics in Oakland on Monday, which worked out for us on Sunday night.  The Athletic lineup has been patient at the play in terms of striking out, but haven't translated that in to runs.  Pineiro can eat up innings and give you a few strikeouts and the Angels lineup has a decent shot to translate to a win for him.  He's your best all around starter option here on Monday night.

Monday's Alternate - Homer Bailey - Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs - 7:10 PM ET - 43.3% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Bailey has been even better than Pineiro since coming off of the DL, but it's just been a pair of starts against the Astros.  I like his talent, but I'd like to see him do it against another team before getting too excited.  That said, the Cubs offense hasn't been that great, and the Reds have been red hot at the plate all year.  Bailey has a great shot to pick up a win as long as he doesn't get blown up, but is still too much of a risk for me to recommend him here on Monday.

Monday's Deep League Starter - John Lannan - Washington Nationals vs Pittsburgh Pirates - 7:05 PM ET - 0.5% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Lannan has been solid for most of the year, save when he was blown up by the Phillies.  He will give you decent enough ERA and WHIP and a couple of strikeouts.  You're playing him here because of the pretty matchup against the Pirates, and thats about it.  He doesn't have a huge shot at a win but he's the best option of the people readily available.

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