Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Pickup And Drop Ideas For Monday 5/16/11

Last Monday's Droppable Player - Aubrey Huff - 5/16 - .313 Average - 1 Run - 1 Home Run - 4 Runs Batted In - ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - 1.39
Last Monday's Pickup - Eric Hosmer - 6/24 - .250 Average - 4 Runs - 2 Home Runs - 5 Runs Batted In - ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - 4.36

It's only a week, but Hosmer looks like the better choice than Huff already.  Hosmer is going to keep playing every day in the Royals lineup, and is only going to get better as he gets more accustomed to major league hitting.  While Huff is on the downside of his career, Hosmer is on the upside.  You should have made the move last week, but Huff is still droppable if you can find another good replacement.  This Monday we are going to look at some Shortstops...

The Droppable - Jed Lowrie - Shortstop - Boston Red Sox - 85.4% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Look, don't take this the wrong way.  If you picked up Lowrie early and rode him through his hot streak, then you already did a great job here, but now it's time for him to go.  He's fallen off from where he was early in the year and is hitting just .261 with 4 runs and 4 RBIs during the month of May.  He's not a great defender, so his spot in the lineup isn't assured if he's not hitting the ball.  Pat yourself on the back for the solid pickup when it was available, but be willing to cut the cord now before his performance falls off a cliff.

The Pickup - J.J. Hardy - Shortstop - Baltimore Orioles - 13.4% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Hardy was dropped during his DL stint, but has come back red hot for his first week back.   He's hitting .400 since his return with 2 runs 2 home runs and 7 RBIs in just six games.  He's the new hot shortstop.  He's shown the power in the past, with more than twenty home runs each year in 2007 and 2008 and has two home runs in just twelve games played on the year.  His totals are unimpressive, but thats only due to his lack of games so far this year.  He's played just a third of the games as Lowrie, and has more than half the RBIs than Lowrie and just one less home run.  Grab Hardy if you are upset with Lowrie cooling off or otherwise need the assistance at Shortstop

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