Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickup For Sunday 5/1/11

Saturday's Spot Starter Recommendation One - Tim Stauffer - 6.2 Innings Pitched - 7 Strikeouts - No Decision - 2.70 - 0.75
Satruday's Spot Starter Recommendation Two - Brandon Beachy - 7.0 Innings Pitched - 5 Strikeouts - No Decision - 2.57 ERA - 0.57 WHIP
Week Four's Starters' Stats - 42.2 Innings Pitched - 29 Strikeouts - 6.12 K/9 - 2 Wins in 7 Starts - 4.64 ERA - 1.24 WHIP
Cumulative Starters' Stats - 219.1 Innings Pitched - 169 Strikeouts - 6.93 K/9 - 14 Wins in 36 Starts - 3.65 ERA - 1.18 WHIP
Spot Starter Spreadsheet Viewable Online Here

It was a very solid Saturday.  First, in the afternoon, Beachy gave us seven solid innings with five strikeouts and was in line for a win when they left him in to start the eighth and he let two men on base, who both ended up scoring.  It still amounted to a very good spot start, and 0.57 WHIP is amazing.  He's down to 0.99 WHIP on the season and shouldn't be dropped now that you own him, he won't be around to pick up next time through.  Later, in a Saturday night game, Tim Stauffer was just as good.  He had two more strikeouts than Beachy, but didn't go quite as long and gave up an extra hit.  Neither guy picked up a win, but both pitched well enough to pick one up.  As always these are guys available in more than 50% of leagues, and there are two more coming up now to help those trying to catch up on the last day of the match-up...

Sunday's Spot Starter Recommendation One - Jon Garland - Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres - 4:10 PM EDT - 6.9% Owned in ESPN Standard Leagues

Garland was beat up in his first start off the DL, but it was against the Cardinals, so you can't really hold it against him.  In his following two starts, he ate up innings.  He pitches deep into games and doesn't let up too many runs.  His career K/9 is just 4.86, but he throws so many innings that it amounts to a handful of them each game.  With a match-up here against the Padres on a day where there are just twelve readily available starters, Garland is the best choice for ERA and WHIP chasing and has a decent shot to pick up a win.

Sunday's Spot Starter Recommendation Two - Bud Norris - Houston Astros vs Milwaukee Brewers - 2:05 PM EDT - 4.7% Owned in ESPN Standard Leagues

He had a rocky first couple of games, but Norris has been solid over the last three games, and seems to have his control right now.  Having his control makes him startable, because he strikes more than a batter per inning out.  He shut out the Cardinals for six innings in his last game  The Brewers aren't the best match-up in the world, but Norris has the highest strikeout potential of anyone available.  If you're chasing strikeouts in your head to head league, Norris is the way to go.

As always, the rest of the players are listed in the order that I would start them and ownership percentages are listed in parenthesis.  Mixed league line is a little deeper today for those chasing in head to head leagues despite today being a weak day.

Chris Narveson (19.9%) - Milwaukee at Houston - Narveson got blown up his last time out, but that was against the Reds, so his strikeout potential gets him a pass.  He's a good solution if you can't start Norris, but is a strictly worse play in my book.  He is still better than the guys that follow him though.

Dustin Moseley (3.4%) - San Diego at LA Dodgers - Moseley isn't going to strike anyone out, but he is a good ERA and WHIP pitcher.  If you are chasing ERA and WHIP Moseley is strictly worse than Garland, in my opinion, but still the fourth best option here.

Carl Pavano (15.7%) - Minnesota at Kansas City - Pavano would be higher on this list, but his start was pushed back because he is dealing with the flu.  It's a little bit of a risky play here, but on a weak day, I'd start him if desperate in mixed leagues.

Ivan Nova (2.0%) - NY Yankees vs Toronto - Nova looked good last time out against the White Sox, and looked good last year before his rough start this year.  He is risky here against Toronto at home, but on Sunday's pitchers are scarce.

Chris Young (10.9%) - NY Mets at Philadelphia - I was high on Chris Young before he was placed on the DL, but he didn't look as strong in his first start back against the Nationals.  However, he did look good the first time he played the Phillies, holding them to one run and striking out seven.  He's very risk/reward here, but if you need a shot at strikeouts in your mixed league, this is as low as I'm willing to go.

This is the ten team mixed league line.  Anyone below this line is recommended for deep or AL/NL-Only leagues.

Jesse Litsch (0.4%) - Toronto at NY Yankees - Litsch has been solidly average so far this year even when up against some better lineups, but I'm not going to offer him up here for mixed leagues when he has to play the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.  Playing him in AL if you need him, but not otherwise.

Luke Hochevar (2.5%) - Kansas City vs Minnesota - Hochevar has been horrible ERA wise so far this year, but he's given up a lot of home runs compared to having pretty solid control so far.  A match-up against the Twins is one I'm going to take here in AL leagues.

Charlie Morton (2.8%) - Pittsburgh at Colorado
Phil Coke (1.5%) - Detroit at Cleveland
Casey Coleman (0.0) - Chicago at Arizona
No reason tobe starting any of these three guys.  They will just hurt your ERA and WHIP.  They all aren't good and they all have bad match-ups.

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