Friday, May 13, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Closer Pickup And Drop Ideas For Friday 5/13/11

--Sorry this is late. Blogger being down ruined my normal posting time.

Still not enough time passed to start bragging about my pickups, but Hosmer has hit homers in back to back games and looks to be every bit as good as advertised. Anyways, this week I gave a first base recommendation Monday, an outfield recommendation Tuesday, a third base plan Wednesday, and a catcher switch on Thursday. Today I'm going to offer a pickup and drop recommendation at a position that I haven't looked into so far this year, closers...

The Droppable – Jonathan Broxton – Los Angeles Dodgers – Closer – 73.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Broxton is worth keeping on the DL if you don't have anyone else to put there, but he's worth dropping if you need to stash anyone else on the DL. He's not worth an actual roster spot. Elbow issues are always a worry and Mattingly said just the other day that Broxton might be out another six weeks. He was shaky before he went out, and if Vicente Padilla continues to pitch like he has been, Broxton could be returning as a set-up man instead of a Closer. If you own Broxton you should have already picked up Padilla, but if you need someone else you can look below.

The Pickup – Eduardo Sanchez – St. Louis Cardinals – Closer – 34.8% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Look, Tony La Russa is crazy, we know that. But the Cardinals closer role is so valuable the way that team has been winning, that if you put forth the effort to stay on top of La Russa's closer switches, you'll rack up a bunch of saves on the year. Right now Sanchez is the guy, and he's been one of the best bullpen arms for the Cardinals so far this year. He was shaky Sunday, but still got the save chance on Tuesday and didn't play in a pair of blowouts Wednesday and Thursday. They seem committed to giving him the shot at the job for now, so roster him and keep an eye on the situation. This type of situation is one of your few chances in fantasy to truly outwork your opponents. You have a chance to pick up saves on the cheap all year with a Sanchez pickup now, and if he loses the job his replacement will be similarly available for you to pick up and roll with.   

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