Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Pickup And Drop Ideas For Wednesday 5/11/11

Still don't have enough results to really evaluate how I'm doing so far, so instead of evaluating, I'll simply link to Monday's first base pickup here and Tuesday's outfield pickup here.  Going with third baseman today...

The Droppable - Jose Lopez - Colorado Rockies - Third Base - 20.9% Owned in ESPN Leagues

This is obviously more of a droppable notice for those in deeper leagues, because if you are one of the 20.9% of people holding onto him in standard leagues, he should have been dropped from your team weeks ago.  He isn't showing any signs of turning the batting average around and seems to have fallen into a lefty/righty platoon with Ian Stewart.  Even in deep leagues, there are options out there who are both hitting for a better average and playing every day, or you could use the roster spot for streaming starters if you have another corner outfield option.  Lopez is a cut in basically all formats.

The Pickup - Daniel Descalso then Scott Rolen - Cincinnati Reds - Third Base - 0.2% and 17.8% Owned in ESPN Leagues

As I tell you to cut a deep league player like Lopez, it only makes sense to lead you in the direction of a readily available guy.  Descalso isn't going to keep giving you numbers for too long, but until Rolen gets back, he's going to be a good option batting in the super-powered St. Louis line-up.  Even though he's not a great hitter, he'll still deliver you solid Runs and RBIs.  Don't go kill yourself to get Descalso though, because Rolen should be back within a week and then he should be picked up in most formats.  Rolen was on a tear before he went out, and should pick up right back where he was when he returns to the powerful Cincinnati lineup.  Rolen is the real pickup choice here, but Descalso is a decent option of a fill in until Rolen gets back and is a better option for deep league players than Lopez.

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