Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Pickup and Drop Ideas For Thursday 5/19/11

Last Thursday's Droppable Player - Jorge Posada - Catcher - New York Yankees - 3/7 - .429 Avg- 1 Run - 0 HR - 0 RBI - 0 SB- ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - -0.47
Last Thursday's Pickup - Chris Iannetta - Catcher - Colorado Rockies - 3/14 - .214 Avg - 1 Run - 0 HR - 1 RBI - 0 SB - ESPN Player Rater Last 7 Days - N/A
(Player Rater Numbers from 7 day period not including Wednesday's games.  Stats updated for last 7 through Wednesday)

Last weeks column was deleted in blogger's outage last week, but I offered up Posada for you to drop and Iannetta as a pickup and it has worked out.  While Podada had a better average, he had just half the at bats because of his issues in New York right now.  Between being platooned at DH and his otherwise horrible average, hes losing playing time.  Ianetta played five of seven games and isn't going to lose any playing time. Iannetta is the better long term solution than Posada, and you should add him now before you're late.

This Thursday we are going to be moving along and swiching another pair of outfielders...

The Droppable - Denard Span - Outfield - Minnesota Twins - 82.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Span isn't an amazing contributor at any particular category, and his expected value this year was somewhat dependent on the expected power of the Twins lineup.  The Twins lineup has been the worst in the league though, and Span hasn't given you many runs or RBIs.  Without the runs and RBIs, Span is an outfielder that might get you twenty steals and six or seven home runs with decent average.  That's not an outfielder that should be owned in any ESPN standard leagues.  If you need the speed you could get better speed, and if you need the power there is better power available, and both are available in better lineups to help you with runs and RBIs.

The Pickup - Michael Brantley - Outfield - Cleveland Indians - 58.5% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Brantley is actually going to give you what you thought you would get from Span this year.  He's hitting for a better average and twice the runs and five steals and is actually showing more power than Span.  Brantley could easily end the year with ten home runs and thirty steals, and that's more that what Span was projected for anyway.  Brantley is going to keep collecting RBIs and runs as long as the Indians keep playing well, and is not a stretch to pick up 90 runs and 70 RBIs as long as he's leading off in place of Grady Sizemore.  If you own Span, swap him for Brantley, and even if you don't own Span, Brantley is worth a pickup if a 10/30 guy with runs, RBIs, and average sounds like it could help your outfield.

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