Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Ravens 29 Texans 14

Another day, another game recap here on Big Derf Sports.  Yesterday, I ran through all of the morning games, and this afternoon I'm going to run through all the late and night games from week six, as well as post my add/drop column for fantasy purposes.  Right now, it's time for the Houston at Baltimore game.  This wrap up itself is going to have both a look back at the game for real life purposes and is going to explain the fantasy implications of each game.....

Houston Texans 14 at Baltimore Ravens 29
  • This game went more or less how it was expected to, as the Houston offense couldn't hang with the Ravens without Andre Johnson to stretch the field.  If your team can only do one thing well on offense, even if that one thing is giving the ball to Arian Foster, then the Ravens can shut down your offense.  While the Steelers might be having some trouble on defense this year, the Ravens look to be fully intact on the defensive side of the ball, and that's why they are going to win the AFC North this year.
  • Offensively, the Ravens are still working things out, as they only scored two touchdowns on Sunday and had to settle for five field goals instead.  That will get you by against a beat up team the way Houston is right now, but it is going to make some games against better teams much closer than they should be with their defense.
  • Until Andre gets back, the Texans can't be relied on to win.  They are missing both their best offensive and defensive player right now, and Mario Williams isn't coming back.  They need to get Andre out there if they want to stay in the heat of the AFC South race.
Fantasy Realities
  • Joe Flacco got over 300 yards on Sunday, but you would want more from him against a team as beat up as the Texans were coming into the day.  He needs to do a better job throwing the ball effectively in the red zone.  He has a great possession target at receiver in Anquan Boldin and multiple good options at tight end.  It's all on Flacco to do better, as the pieces are already in place around him.
  • Arian Foster should bounce back no matter what next week, but if Andre Johnson doesn't play against the Titans, you can't count on Matt Schaub or any of the other members of the Titans passing attack to do anything good.
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-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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