Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Bengals 27 Colts 17

I'm going game by game again this week, and it's time to wrap up the Indianapolis at Cincinnati match-up here this week.  Each game has it's own post here on the blog where I break down the game from both a real life perspective and fantasy perspective.   There isn't much to say in terms of of introduction though for any of these posts, so I'm just going to jump right into it here after the jump...

Indianapolis Colts 17 at Cincinnati Bengals 27
  • It took a fumble recovery for a touchdown to get the score differential so high, but the result was exactly what you would expect. The Bengals seem to be at least an above average team and have proven themselves good enough to win games against bad teams.  The Colts, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be an awful team without Peyton Manning there.  A Bengal win as obvious here.
  • The Bengals are quietly positioning themselves to make the playoffs here. They already have 4 wins, and outside of the 4 games against Pittsburgh and Baltimore, have 6 winnable games left on the schedule. They have to play at Seattle, but thats after a bye this week, at Tennessee and at St. Louis, and have home games against Cleveland (who they've beat), Houston and Arizona.  That's four games you can count as wins, and then if they can beat Houston or Tennessee, it's going to take just one win against the Steelers or Ravens to put the Bengals at 10-6.  Don't be surprised when they start showing up as the #6 seed when the playoff scenarios start coming out in week eleven and twelve.
  • I'm still not sure that the Colts won't play Peyton Manning if he's healthy by the end of the season.  Even though they are 0-6, Jim Irsay just isn't the kind of owner who will approve of not putting the best team on the field, especially when, while Andrew Luck looks amazing, they don't need a quarterback in the draft.
Fantasy Realities
  • Andy Dalton has been quietly putting up double digit points week in and week out, and is certainly a more reliable fantasy option than Curtis Painter if you are struggling to find a quarterback to play in deeper leagues.
  • A.J. Green had another double digit game because of his score, and is starting to look like an every week WR2 play for fantasy purposes.  See if his owner isn't sold on him and try to pry him away on the cheap.
  • Delone Carter finally got all of the carries, but he still didn't produce much running the ball.  You want to take a pass on the Indianapolis running backs, probably until Peyton Manning comes back to threaten defenses away from the ball.
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-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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