Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Giants 27 Bills 24

I'm going game by game again this week, and it's time to wrap up the Buffalo at New York match-up here this week.  Each game has it's own post here on the blog where I break down the game from both a real life perspective and fantasy perspective.   This is one of the games that I got to see this week, so this post is going to be longer than some of the others from this week...

Buffalo Bills 24 at New York Giants 27

  • This was a game that was much closer all the way through than it probably should have been.  The Bills only real touchdown drive came after they had great field position following a blocked field goal.  Their other two touchdown drives came on long busted plays where Giants defenders took poor angles to the ball.  Not to take anything away from the Bills here, because their players helped make those plays happen, but they didn't sustain drives.  The Giants offense looked much better, moving the ball up and down the field and into scoring position six times (even though one field goal was blocked).
  • Eli Manning looked great on Sunday, he was throwing the ball all over the field and was hitting his receivers in stride.  He's been hot over the last few weeks, and the Giants have to hope that the time off on the bye week doesn't throw him out of the rhythm.
  • Outside of the one big play to Naaman Roosevelt, the Giants pass defense also had a very good game, including the pair of Corey Webster interceptions.  They should have Prince Amukamara back after the bye week, which should help their pass defense as their schedule gets rougher after the bye week.
Fantasy Realities
  • Eli had another nice game on Sunday, but he didn't score a touchdown on Sunday, so he only got your fantasy team eleven points.  It shouldn't have submarined your week, but it was less than you were hoping for.  Much more of an anomaly than a sign of things to come, as he had two passes that went down to the one yard line on the day and there was a pass interference penalty in the end zone.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick had much the opposite game, as he scored just 13 fantasy points on the day, and it would have been worse if the Giants had recovered the ball when he fumbled.  He's lost the early season luster, and has become a much more mediocre fantasy play.  They get Washington after the bye, but the schedule gets much harder after that.  I'd start looking for another quarterback if I was relying on Fitzpatrick right now.
  • The world finally seemed to be righted this week in terms of the Giants' wide receivier pecking order, as Mario Manningham seemed back in his role as the number two receiver with five receptions for 56 yards while Victor Cruz had just two catches for 12 yards.
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-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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