Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Bears 39 Vikings 10

Second to last game to wrap up here from Week Six, the Sunday Night game, Minnesota at Chicago.  You can find all of the other wrap ups here on my blog already, and they are all structured like this one, containing both real life analysis and fantasy information.  Not much to say in the introduction though, so I'm getting right into the wrap up....

Minnesota Vikings 10 at Chicago Bears 39
  • The Bears put a whipping on the Vikings in this game, and all but ended Minnesota's season.  At 1-5, there is no way they are coming back in a division where the Bears are 3-3 and hanging onto third place behind the Lions and the Packers. 
  • People are saying that Donovan McNabb probably shouldn't be benched based on his stat line, but while that stat line looked good, but wasn't winning them the game against the Bears, who were up 16-0 by the end of this first quarter.  He needed to push the ball down the field, but failed to do that at any point in the game.  Switching over the Christian Ponder with the game out of reach was the first step to starting to build for next season.
  • The Bears have looked very un-Mike Martz-like lately, protecting well and keeping in blockers, while running the ball more than twenty times a game.  If they keep going like this they will be successful, as Matt Forte is their best player, but I don't trust Martz to not return to his old ways if they fall behind over the next few weeks.

Fantasy Realities
  • Matt Forte had his worst game in weeks, but 11 points is nothing to complain about.  He's a top ten fantasy back right now, but seems to be undervalued.  See if you can't get his owner to give him up for less than he's actually worth.
  • Christian Ponder might not be very fantasy useful, but he was averaging almost two yards more per completion than Donovan McNabb was, which makes him an upgrade.  I think he'll not just be better than McNabb at getting the ball down field, but he'll help the whole Minnesota offense's fantasy value as well.
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-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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