Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Packers 24 Rams 3

I'm going game by game again this week, and it's time to wrap up the St. Louis at Green Bay match-up from this week.  Each game has it's own post here on the blog where I break down the game from both a real life perspective and fantasy perspective.   There isn't much to say in terms of of introduction though for any of these posts, especially for this snoozer of a game, so I'm just going to start it here right after the jump...

St. Louis Rams 3 at Green Bay Packers 24

  • I am glad I didn't have to watch this game.  It seemed brutally frustrating to watch.  St. Louis was in Green Bay territory nine different times, and came away with just three points.  There was also no points from either side in the second half.  Just not a good football game for anyone watching at home.
  • While they are down to 0-5 now, the Rams offense was showing some signs of life on Sunday, even though they scored just three points, they did manage to put up 424 yards yesterday.  When they play the Cowboys this week, they might be able to turn that yardage into more points.
  • The Packers scored 24 in this game, but really laid off the pedal in the second half.  They don't seem to beat on bad teams, which is important to think about when you are putting in bets.  They are going to miss some spread covers going forward.
Fantasy Realities
  • Jordy Nelson had another big game, but it came on the strength of just one big play again.  I don't trust him enough to start him unless my team is missing multiple receivers because of bye weeks.  You only want to be starting Greg Jennings right now of the Packer receivers, though you can still trust Jermichael Finley at tight end.
  • Danario Alexander looks to be the guy in the Rams offense coming out of the bye week, though the addition of Brandon Lloyd today might bump him down to being the number two receiver.  He's still worth a speculative pick up, as the Rams offense looks to be turning itself around.
That's it for this game.  As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated, either in the comment section below or via email at

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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