Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week Six NFL Game Wrap Up - Jets 24 Dolphins 6

Whew, twelve down, one to go here with my game wrap ups for week six.  Finally time for the Monday Night Football game here, Miami at New York.  Like all of the other wrap ups available here on this blog, this post is going to touch on the game from both a fantasy perspective, and a real world perspective.  And like the rest of the wrap ups, there isn't a need for a big introduction...

Miami Dolphins 6 at New York Jets 24

  • Well, I look really stupid right now for thinking the Dolphins could sneak into the playoffs as the #6 seed in the AFC.  They are now 0-5 and miles out of the wild card race, and are in fact in pole position to "Suck for Luck".  They obviously need a quarterback, as Chad Henne wasn't doing anything special before he got hurt and Matt Moore clearly isn't the answer.  The problem is asking a team to do bad, especially when their jobs are on the line.  Luckily, they seemed to have planned for this by making Moore their insurance policy and starting Reggie Bush over Daniel Thomas.  You aren't going far with those players starting.
  • The Jets got a win here, but the offense still looks out of sorts.  They didn't get a first down until lat in the second quarter.  They averaged just 3.6 yards per carry running the ball, and Mark Sanchez managed to complete just 56% of his passes against a bad Miami defense.  While the final score says 24, the offense really managed only 17 against the Dolphins, as one of the Jets touchdowns came on a Darrelle Revis interception.  17 won't cut it when the San Diego Chargers come to town next week.
  • Of course, on that interception, Darrelle Revis was committing pass interference like he usually does, but he wasn't called for it so instead of first and goal for the Dolphins, it was seven for the Jets.  Every corner could be as good as Revis if the refs called them the same way.

Fantasy Realities
  • You still want to stay away almost entirely from the Jets offense for fantasy purposes.  Santonio Holmes should continue to contribute as a somewhat solid WR2 for fantasy purposes, but the rest of the offense doesn't inspire much confidence.
  • Of course, on the other side of the ball, you don't want much to do with the Miami offense either.  Brandon Marshall is a decent WR2/WR3 but that isn't very exciting.  Daniel Thomas is a guy to watch though and maybe trade for now, as if he takes the full time job over from Reggie Bush, he could become a solid RB2.
That is it for the game wrap ups this week.  Be sure to check them all out here on the blog, and leave some feedback either in the comments section or via email at bigderfsports@gmail.com.  Also be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook via the buttons on the right hand side of the page for all of the updates from here at Big Derf Sports.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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