Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickups For Monday 7/25/11

Sunday Starter One's Stats - Bartolo Colon - 7.0 Innings Pitched - 4 Strikeouts - Win - 2.57 ERA - 1.29 WHIP
Sunday Starter Two's Stats - Rick Porcello - 6.0 Innings Pitched - 4 Strikeouts - Win - 3.00 ERA - 1.17 WHIP
ESPN "Week 15" Final Starters' Stats - 44.1 Innings Pitched - 33 Strikeouts - 6.70 K/9 - 5 Wins in 7 Starts - 3.86 ERA - 1.22 WHIP
Cumulative Starters' Stats - 627 Innings Pitched - 446 Strikeouts - 6.40 K/9 - 42 Wins in 100 Starts - 3.43 ERA - 1.20 WHIP
Starter Spreadsheet Viewable Online Here

Pair of starts on Sunday and a pair of solid wins.  They were essentially the same start, just Colon went an inning further into his game than Porcello.  Boh guys picked up a win and four strikeouts while letting up just two runs.  It was as advertised here on Sunday, as both guys were picked for their win chances and delivered.

Monday starts a new week here and hopefully a new streak will continue here.  I may seem like a homer here, but the schedule says what the schedule says...

Monday's Recommendation - Freddy Garcia - New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners - 7:05 PM ET - 14.5% Owned in ESPN Leagues

It's the third time in a row I've picked a Yankee, but with Oakland leaving town and Seattle coming in, the matchups have been too good to pass up.  It's now the worst offense in the league that is in town, and one of the best offenses in the league is backing Garcia up.  Garcia shut out the Rays over 6.2 innings his last time out and looks to have bounced back from his one bad start against the Blue Jays.  Going to grab another win here Monday with a handful of strikeouts and solid ERA and WHIP behind it.  Garcia is a go.

Monday's Alternate - Juan Nicasio - Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers - 10:10 PM ET - 1.6% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Nicasio, like Garcia, had one hiccup a few games ago, but has been strong over the last two weeks otherwise.  Atlanta is the team that blew him up three starts ago, and in his last start he held them to one run over seven innings.  Now he gets the Dodgers, who are basically a one man offense.  If he can hold down Matt Kemp, he should be able to cruise to another strong outing here Monday night.  He's a good second option and a good option for those in deeper leagues.

That's it for today.  Look for fantasy football coverage coming tomorrow.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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