Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickups For Wednesday 6/1/11

Tuesday's Recommended Starter - Mike Minor - 6.0 Innings Pitched - 4 Strikeouts - Loss - 4.50 ERA - 1.83 WHIP
Cumulative Starters' Stats - 453.2 Innings Pitched - 326 Strikeouts - 6.47 K/9 - 27 Wins in 72 Starts - 3.57 ERA - 1.22 WHIP
Cumulative Starter Spreadsheet Viewable Online Here

With no starter offered on Memorial Day, we started off the week with a disappointment out of Mike Minor.  It wasn't an awful blowup your stats start, but it wasn't good either.  He was left in the start the seventh inning and walked a man on before being pulled from the game. That batter made it home and turned a 3.00 ERA day into a 4.50 ERA and a no decision into a loss.  Luckily, it wasn't embarrassing and we can make up for it easily the rest of the week. Freddy Garcia is still playing as i write this on Tuesday night, but has cruised through four innings so far against the As.  He should deliver for deep league players.

Before I move on, just a programming note for the week.  It's my birthday on Friday and I'm working out the details on a promotion in my actual job, so the other daily pickup column is going to be taking the week off.  I'm going to miss a second day of this column later in the week (likely the Saturday edition), but will at least provide you with my recommendations either here or via twitter.

Wednesday's recommendation coming up right now...

Wednesday's Recommended Starter - Rick Porcello - Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins - 7:05 PM ET - 18.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Porcello got blown up in his last outing, but that was against an on fire Red Sox offense.  Prior to that he had been great in six straight starts.  The matchup dictates that you go back to him here as he draws the Twins at home here on Wednesday night.  The Twins are still last in the league in runs scored and don't look to be turning it around any time soon. Porcello will deliver solid stats here on Wednesday night.  Don't be afraid because of his last outing.  It won't look at all similar here Wednesday night.

Wednesday's Alternate - Brian Matusz - Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners - 3:40 PM ET - 39.7% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Matusz makes his first appearance of the year here to start June off.  He is coming off the DL and joining an Oriole rotation that could obviously use his help.  He has a K/9 above 7.00 through two years in the majors and has looked solid in his minor league rehab appearances.  I don't like starting guys coming off the DL usually, but when they draw matchups like this one at the Mariners in Safeco Field, you have to at least consider him here.  Don't expect him to go too deep into the game, but he should deliver strong stats and a decent number of strikeouts.

Wednesday's Deep League Stater - Chris Capuano - New York Mets vs Pittsburgh Pirates - 7:10 PM ET - 0.3% Owned in ESPN Leagues

Capuano looked good last time out against Philly and has delivered more good starts than bad ones on the year.  His K/9 is 7.74 on the year, which is great when you are talking about these deep league starting pitchers.  His ERA on the year is an ugly 4.94, but his xFIP is a much prettier 3.83, so the ERA should improve.  Pick him up if you are looking for help in deep or NL only leagues.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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