Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spot Starters For 6/8/11 and 6/9/11

Too tired from adjusting to working overnights to pound out the full column, but didn't want to leave any loyal readers hanging any longer.  Will update the spreadsheet and everything at some future point, but just a pair of quick recommendations...

6/8/11 Starter - Jason Vargas - He is coming off a complete game shut out of the Rays and his matchup with the White Sox is the best of some bad draws for other good pitchers.

6/9/11 Starter - Aaron Harang - Harang has been good over his last four starts and draws a solid matchup here home against the Nationals.  He is unowned because of his past performances, but as a Padre now, it's going to be all gravy for Harang.

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