Monday, September 12, 2011

The BDS NFL Week One 2011 Sunday Wrap Up

Thank god for football.  How good does it feel to have the NFL really back?

It was a fun week one, even if none of the afternoon week one nationally televised games were amazing.  The outcomes were pretty interesting and there was a solid Sunday night game on a day where we learned plenty and even more changed in the NFL.  I'm going to get right into it and just touch on each of the Sunday games.  I'll be sure to let you know what games I've seen and which I'm judging based on box scored.  I'll also let you know which games I'm going to be taking a look at this week with NFL Game Rewind to really learn about...

Ravens 35 Steelers 7 
-I saw this game, and it was just an old fashioned whipping.  The Steelers couldn't run the ball, and when they dropped back to pass, Baltimore put pressure on Ben the right way, not swiping at him with their arms as they fly by, but actually hitting him.  He turned the ball over again and again because they stayed on top of him.
-The Ravens offense itself looked excellent.  They moved the ball well on the Steelers defense, and much of that was because of the addition of Lee Evans.  There was just more room to work with in both the passing and running game for the Ravens.
-I think the Steelers came out a little bit flat for this game, at least for them, and I'm sure that Tomlin will get on them in practice this week and they will bring a much higher level of intensity to next weeks game at home against the Seahawks.  I feel sorry for the Seahawks.

Bears 30 Falcons 12
-I am definitely watching this game on game rewind this week.  While I predicted a Bears win here on the blog, I thought it would be a much closer game.  I need to figure out why the Falcons dropped back to throw 52 (47 "attempts" + 5 sacks) times in a very manageable game when they were running the ball effectively.  I'm gonna hold off any judgment on this game until I see it myself.

Bengals 27 Browns 17
-Another game that I'm just going to have to watch this week, as it's a result that I can't even fathom.  I don't get how in the world the Bengals won that game and won it by ten points.

Texans 34 Colts 7
-If time allows, I'm going to try and watch this game only because I want to see if the Colts are going to have any chance at all this year without Manning.  That score was lopsided, but there is some other talent there and they shouldn't have been that pathetic.  Kerry Collins just might not be the right choice.  Reggie Wayne caught half of Kerry Collins' passes for half of his yards.  That does not sound like the Colts offense to me.
-I don't know if you can take anything from this Texans win here.  I mean, I still like them to win the AFC South, I just have no idea how good that team is.

Jaguars 16 Titans 14
-Another game I'm just going to have to see to believe.  How do you let Luke McCown complete 70.8% of his passes against you?  How do you have Kenny Britt going over the top, but can't run the ball effectively with Chris Johnson?  I just don't get it.

Bills 41 Chiefs 7
-This one I don't particularly need to see.  I thought that the Chiefs would be able to pull this one out, but these two teams were fairly close in my book, and the Bills offense looks like it will be much better with Ryan Fitzpatrick having spent a full offseason with the team.
-Buffalo might be able to get to 2-0 with the Raiders coming in next week.  That might be a game with nothing but offense.

Eagles 31 Rams 13
-I saw this game, and the final score is misleading.  The Rams played this game pretty close for most of it before the injuries just overwhelmed them by the end.  Losing Steven Jackson right at the beginning of the game really hurt the Rams whole game plan, but they were able to keep it close until they lost Ron Bartell and Danny Amendola and then Sam Bradford for the game.  Everything just spun out of control by then.
-People have been praising Vick's play because of his running numbers, but a 14-32 game is not very good.  He won't be so successful against better defenses without throwing the ball better.
-Eagles have a big match-up next week in Atlanta.  The Falcons are going to be looking to avoid an 0-2 start and will be playing at home.

Lions 27 Buccaneers 20
-Another game that is going to make me glad I have Game Rewind.  The Bucs, Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount in particular, should have performed much better on the day.  Obviously the Lions offense is going to be good, but if their defense can shut down a team like Tampa that I think is good, then they might make noise this year.

Cardinals 28 Panthers 21
-This game must have been sloppy.  I don't even want to watch it.  Cam Newton throwing for 422 yards is such a crazy fluke that I'm not interested.  We'll see how the Panthers do next week when they draw the Packers, and how the Cards do on the road on the east coast in Washington.

Chargers 24 Vikings 17
-Same old story for the Chargers.  Special teams torubles and Septembers struggles.  Luckily for them they pulled this one out, because they showed last year how costly the early season losses can be for a team.
-The Vikings stat line just did not look good.  McNabb did not do a good job in the passing game even when you consider the level of the defense that he was playing.

49ers 33 Seahawks 17
-Tavaris Jackson.
-Ted Ginn.
-That is all.

Redskins 28 Giants 14
-I saw this whole game, and it wasn't as bad as the final score said.  The game really turned on two fluky plays.  The interception returned for a touchdown was just an amazing athletic play that was very "right place right time", and the field goal that was blocked was on a shanked kick.
-The Giants also missed Justin Tuck in this game.  Jason Pierre-Paul managed to be a one man wrecking crew with two sacks playing across from regular fourth defensive end Dave Tollefson.  The Giants defensive line will be much harder to block with Tuck back next week.
-Grossman looked pretty good in this game, but the Giants defense was very thin in the secondary.  They couldn't bring in extra bodies for week one without guaranteeing their contracts for the whole season and the Redskins took advantage of the depleted secondary.

Jets 27 Cowboys 24
-I honestly think that Tony Romo might have had a bet in on the Jets' money line.  He was just trying to give the game away.  Between the fumble on the goal line and the horrible interception right to Darrelle Revis, that game was all Romo's fault.  It was a win he turned into a loss.
-The Jets offense did not look good all night, despite what the stats may have said at the end of the game.  It really wasn't a game for them to hang their hat on.
-This game might have been a blow out if Dez Bryant didn't get hurt early in the game.  He looked uncoverable, even with Revis on him.

Monday Night games will be reviewed tomorrow, along with a look at this weeks games from a fantasy perspective, and fantasy pickups.

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