Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday 4/11/11 Daily Links

According to espn's Adam Schefter... The NFL and the NFLPA are to be sent to mediation this week.  Awesome news.  I always believed the lockout would end quickly, but with them getting sent back to mediation this week, there is a serious possibility that this might be hammered out before the draft even takes place. That would  give draft picks a defined value with the expected rookie salary limits and possibly give an opportunity for some free agency to happen before the draft. Even though I'm an optimist, it's nice to put in the bag that football will be back on this year.

Rotographs Week 2 Two Start Fantasy Pitchers analysis and the update.  And Tristan Cockcroft's week 2 forecast - I write all my fantasy analysis based on daily leagues because that's how I believe it should be played in the internet age, but I realize that some readers have weekly leagues. I'll link to good different analysis every week and likely to Tristan's amazing full forecast on most weeks. - Just linking to this site for it's general awesomeness. I use it all the time to recheck teams lineups for my fantasy advice.  The info is available elsewhere obviously, but all the relevant lineup stuff is just a click away from the mlbdepthcharts main page and you'll use fangraphs or something usually if you want to check player stats.

My Thursday Fantasy Column - Yeah, linking to myself.  Besides my daily pitcher pickup columns, i also write about fantasy in general here.  The column format is still a work in progress, but do look for it every Thursday-ish here.  And everything from this column is still good save my good word for Mike Aviles. He's been benched since.

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