Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Spot Starter Pickup For Sunday 4/24/11

Saturday Recommendation One's Stats - Fausto Carmona - 5.0 Innings Pitched - 1 Strikeout - Loss - 7.20 ERA - 1.60 WHIP
Saturday Recommendations Two's Stats - Dillon Gee - 6.0 Innings Pitched - 5 Strikeouts - Win - 3.00 ERA - 1.00 WHIP
Week Three's Recommended Starters' Stats - 43.1 Innings Pitched - 35 Strikeouts - 7.27 K/9 - 2 Wins in 7 Starts - 2.70 ERA - 1.06 WHIP
Cumulative Starters' Stats - 167.2 Innings Pitched - 132 Strikeouts - 7.09 K/9 - 12 Wins in 27 Starts - 3.38 ERA - 1.16 WHIP
Starter Stats Spreadsheet Online Here

One good one bad on Saturday.  Sorry that I didn't help your ERA and WHIP if you were chasing, but Gee gave us a decent amount of strikeouts and the win, so that'll help.  Still it's been a good week, and it's going into Easter Sunday and is down, combining for a very short pickup column today.  Pair of catchup pickups coming up....

Recommendation One - Brandon Beachy - Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants - 4:05 PM EST isn't up so I can't offer up percentages and rank everyone, but I did pop on to the worldwide leader earlier to make my pair of choices that were fairly unowned, so Beachy will probably be available in your league.  Beachy gave us six innings with seven strikeouts and no earned runs on Tuesday, and I firmly believe in him this year as a solid starting candidate almost every time out.  Atlanta is going to win a lot of games, and Beachy is going to strike a lot of guys out, both great for your fantasy teams.  San Fran is in the bottom third in scoring this year, so Beachy is definitely a start here.

Recommendation Two - Carlos Carrasco - Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins - 2:10 PM EST

Carmona got beat up Saturday against the Twins, but thats not scaring me away.  They are still second to last in runs scored this year.  Carrasco has been good in his last three starts, with just a bad first game against a then hot White Sox lineup marring his record.  Carrasco has been striking out an average of five per game so far this year, which should be sustainable here against the Twins.  Ride him here and hope for the win here, and expect friendly low ERA and WHIP

Without up, I don't have the stats I need to fill out the rest of this column, and it being Easter Sunday, just ride these two if available, and if not just wing it and enjoy the time with your family.

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