Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Links for 3/15/11

Clippers Players Payed For Coaches Surgery - A feel good story about some Clippers players paying for an assistant coach's cancer surgery.  Bring this up because the story was written today but it happened in 2004 and most of the players aren't even Clippers at this point, so this story isn't just a PR shit release but a story about an actual good thing that happened

NFLPA Draft Boycott Plans - Peter King's MMQB-Tuesday talks about what the NFLPA plans to do for the NFL Draft.  My question? How does this not demonstrate that the NFLPA is still acting as a union?

Adrian Peterson Is An Idiot - Not only does he bring up Farve coming back, but he calls the NFL "Modern Day Slavery".  Excuse me?  I don't recall slaves getting 60 Percent of their owners income... do you?  If thats the case I'd be happy to be an NFL slave for 40 percent of the Pie.  It's still fucking millions.

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