Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Links 3/22/11

Mike Vick Up For Madden Cover. People Are Up In Arms. Naturally... Vick's name is brought up in anything and there is a major shit storm attached, even if he's just one of 32 guys up for a fan vote for the Madden cover.  He's not making the cover for his dog fighting. He's making it cause he's exciting as hell on the football field (I'm a Giants fan and hate him BTW).   Ray Lewis was never convicted... But everyone agrees that he probably killed two people.  Brett Farve, we now know, is a shitty person... A married man who sends around pictures of his penis. But these two are the examples of past cover athletes this article uses.  Get a grip people.  He's not gonna make the cover and we don't need a full explanation on why he's horrible every time he comes up.

Madden Cover Vote - The post about Mike Vick being up for the Madden Cover actually fails to link to the actual Madden Cover vote.  Love the idea of the Madden Cover vote but not so sure about this year's execution.  There's one player from each team (and Seattle's 12th man) which kinda turns it into a team popularity contest.  They should have narrowed it down to like 8 guys who deserve the cover and then let us vote on it. BTW... My money is on Tebow.  He shouldn't win but you can't underestimate that Christian vote.

Madden 12 Teaser - While we're discussing Madden.  Figure I'd link to teaser they put out yesterday.  It somehow shows absolutely nothing but still gets you pumped.

Mike Francesa Blowing Up - Not really news. Just fun to listen to.  Caller calls in about Wilpons being net gainers on Madoff scheme.  Francesa is arguing that Wilpons took out money thinking it was legit and that makes it okay.  Based on what I've been informed, Mike Francesa is in the wrong here.  That doesn't stop him from yelling at and over his listener.

NFL Moves Kickoffs To 35 Yard Line - While I thought this would kill the return game, I actually think it might make returns, when they happen, much more exciting.  There are going to be less returns next year because it will be five yards easier to get a touchback.  However, they are also limiting kicking team players to just a five yard run up.  That means they won't be going as fast on kickoffs because it's hard to get up to speed in five yards and harder to do it while not going offsides.  This is going to give return men more room to work with at the beginning of their returns.  It's going to hurt expectations for kick returners this year, but I doubt it will actually hurt kick returns that much.

Football Outsiders Stats Point Out Bad Corners - Linked to their stats with good corners last week so figured I should also link to their post about bad corner stats as well even if it's a few days late.  This chart shows what we already know... DeAngelo Hall is garbage.  Also found it interesting that Revis shows up on the average YAC chart.  While he's perceived as good in coverage, he's definitely not a good tackler.

Lost's Carlton Cuse Goofs With Texas Pitcher C.J. Wilson - Fun little sports related bit off of Funny or Die.  Not really much comment for me to put here.. Just watch the video.

That's enough links for one day I think. Dunno what the next column will be yet.  Still mulling over ideas. Stay Tuned

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