Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Links for Thursday 1/13/11

This is a pretty long standing blog tradion... Gonna just post some links up here of good/interesting/important stuff to read/watch I came across today.

John Fox is a Tim Tebow Fan

If you missed the news today, John Fox was hired o be the new Head Coach out in Denver.  I love John Fox as a coach.  He did a great job when he was with the Giants as D-Coordinator and then did a great job in Carolina as the Head Coach getting a lot out of a team that didn't have much talent.  The important part of this is what i linked above.  Fox likes Tebow.  This is big.  Some coaches were down on the guy coming out of Florida but if you've seen him play I don't know how you could be.  He will always have his well documented limitation but he always gives 110%.  Winning in the NFL is very dependent on your Coach/QB Combo.  With Fox to help the defense and Tebow moving that offense I expect this tea to be be better next year and to be a legit AFC contender in 2012.

Packers vs Eagles with Clay Matthews miked up.

NFL Films can make anything look awesome and this game is no exception.  Plus a chance to hear Clay Matthews miked up is always fun.  Saints-Seahawks game is also out there but the link wasn't working when I went to post this.

Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano

This move just happened.  It seems like an overreaction with the Yanks giving up multiple picks for a set up man just because Wood is gone.  Would rather see the money go elsewhere.

Bill Simmons On Melo to Jersey

Bills Simmons breaks down why it's an absolutely horrible move for Carmelo to go to Jersey.  He should hold up any trade to not go there.  That team is not gonna break the Knicks hold on NY and he would be second fiddle to Amar'e.  He should wait and take less money and go to NY as a free agent.  He can get a 3 year deal and then renegotiate for more money after that.  Bill mentions the Clippers but I don't see why the Clips would do that. That team gets better every game and should be in the playoffs next year.

Late Breaking Edit - Cam Newton Declares For Draft

I would have stayed if I was him.  He's not Luck.  Too many question marks for me.

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