Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Derf Sports is Back!

Welcome back to blog loyal readers.

As I explained via my twitter(@bigderfsports), my old laptop was having major problems and had fallen off from inconvenient to outright unusable for writing.  That forced me to put the blog into a hibernation of sorts for a while while I was saving up for a new laptop.  My pimp new HP dv6 Laptop came in last week and is a dream to use and type on, and I spent a week getting it generally set up and just plain playing with it before I decided that it was time to bring back the blog today.  I've spent far too long not getting my opinion out there.

While the NBA is in season now, I'm primarily going to focused on gearing up for the NFL off-season and the Fantasy Baseball season.  I've got a few large scale plans in mind for this baseball season, led by the return of last year's daily spot starting pitching column, as well as in depth looks at different fantasy strategies throughout the year.

I'll also be rolling out plenty of NFL off-season coverage, including rapid reactions to player movement and fantasy analysis at every step.  Last season I endeavored to touch on all 32 teams throughout the off-season and that proved too much, so this year I'm going to instead try to take a look player movement through a more case by case lens, including the obvious Peyton Manning column at some point.

Not that I'm going to be leaving the NBA alone, I'm just going to be covering it from a different angle.  I'm admittedly not an NBA expert, and have been following the NBA for much longer than I've actually been watching games, so unlike with the NFL, my on-court analysis is going to be basically non-existent.  Instead I'm going to take on the NBA from much more casual angle, likely saving my "analysis" for raving or complaining about my Knicks (yeah I'm still a homer).

Also, despite this being Big Derf Sports, you'll likely also see at least a handful of television columns on the horizon, as that is my other big love, and I doubt I'll be able to stay quiet about it for too long.

Thanks in advance for reading.

-Fred "Big Derf" Tobin

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