Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl 45 - The Pick

At this point, there is no need for me to write a Super Bowl column because all of the angles have been dissected more than once at this point.  So I'm just gonna give my pick with a quick bit of reasoning.

Pick - Steelers +3 or Steelers ML if book is only offering Steelers +2.5

1. While the Packers' defense deserves all the credit it has been getting, they aren't built to play the Steelers. Their 3 down lineman are all big power rush guys, but Pittsburgh's o-line has trouble with speed rushes.  Assuming they do a good job scheming Heath Miller to block Clay Matthews, they shouldn't have a big problem.

2.  The Packers are getting credit for being a fast team, but they aren't as fast as the Steelers are.   Because Mike Wallace is just that fast, the Steelers will improve more playing on the nice field down in Dallas than the Packers will.

3. Ben Roethlisburger and the Steelers offense will put points on the board.  They scored 31 against the Ravens and then 24 on the Jets.  They will get to at least 20 points against the Packers defense.  The Packers put up a bunch on Atlanta, but they were less impressive against the Bears, only putting up 14 offensive points over the whole game.

4. I'll take Mike Tomlin over Mike McCarthy any day of the week when it comes to game management.

5. After a full two weeks, no one has come up with a huge mismatch for either side this game.  It's pretty even.  So I'll take the team from the better conference who played two tough games already and came out on top rather than the team who almost let the Eagles and Bears (featuring Caleb Hanie) back into it.

Final Score Prediction - Steelers 31  Packers 20

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